Friday, 30 August 2019

Blog-free Week

On this last unofficial weekend of summer, I wish you a wonderful time with family and friends, lots of sunshine, fun and relaxation. Enjoy sharing meals and creating new memories!

Friday, 23 August 2019

Bringing Art and Nature Together at the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park

Blog 26

Since I moved to Cumberland almost 15 years ago, I have a beautiful studio with lots of natural light. While I love my studio, I prefer to paint or draw on location, especially in the summer. Luckily, one of my favourite sites is only minutes away from my studio: The Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park. The park is situated in a nine-acre wooded ravine with walking trails leading you along multi-cultural and multi-religious sculptures. The amazing sculptures represent themes of family, religion, and philosophic concepts from around the world. It is a peaceful place to relax, meditate, pray and appreciate both art and nature.

While I often come to the park to walk our dog, to paint and draw with fellow artists, I wanted to extend this joy of being inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the park. To encourage the community to experience the benefits of art in this beautiful natural setting, I prepared two drawing events as well as a painting party that were suitable for everyone.

The drawing events were held on August 5and August 19, 2019. Participants could venture out into the park and create individual sketches or colour some of the colouring pages that I had prepared of various sculptures. The goal was to make the event accessible and relaxing for everyone.

The next event was the outdoor painting party on August 10. The weather was rather temperamental: We experienced strong wind gusts, dark clouds in the sky, as well as the sudden change from heavy rain to brilliant sunshine. It was an interesting setting, but the group painted happily under my guidance and sheltered by the tent. I had picked a lotus flower for the occasion as the lotus is associated with eternity, purity and peace, self-awareness, love and compassion, the overcoming of suffering and spiritual development. It also symbolizes beauty, fertility, prosperity, and eternity. The participants had a lot of fun and left not only with their unique painting of a beautiful water lily, an appreciation for the beauty of the park, but also developed connections between each other.

If you would like to join me for another “Drawing Animals at the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park” event, please visit the park on Sunday, September 15, from 10:30 am to 12 pm. Come out to draw in the beautiful natural setting of the Humanics Sanctuary and Sculpture Park, 3468 Old Montreal Road in Cumberland, Ontario, K4C 1H9. You can either create drawings of one of the sculptures or colour some of the prepared colouring pages of the sculptures or related to the theme of harvest. The fee of $5 includes all materials. There is an additional admission fee to enter the park, but you are welcome to stay in the park for the whole day. Pre-registration at is recommended.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Blog-free week

Stages of Life, acrylic, 11" x 14"

It is already the second half of August. Let's make the most of the beautiful summer weather! Get out of the house if you can. Watch the clouds and the beautiful night sky, smell the freshly cut grass, have a picnic. Whatever you do, I wish you a wonderful week and will be back with a new blog next week.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Are You Taking a Creative Break or a Break from Creativity?

Blog 25

You are probably wondering about the title of my blog. Why would an artist and art instructor talk about taking a break from creativity? Don’t I always stress how important creative breaks are for your overall health? You probably expect me to spend most of my days surrounded by art, definitely more time than the majority of people. After all, spending time to create artworks and supporting others to improve their skills is my business.

However, since I started teaching more and more courses, I spent less and less time painting and felting. I still created lots of sketches for my classes and learned a lot by drawing cartoon characters that I would never have considered drawing on my own. It has been a great way to get out of my comfort zone. Plus, the children taught me a lot about the different characters and their special powers. However, in early spring, I felt overwhelmed with the other tasks as a business owner. I was frustrated that I was not able to concentrate on the creative side and decided to make some changes in my daily routine. During the past six weeks, I made more time for my creative projects. I finished a couple of paintings and felted artworks and also went to a couple of plein air events. I finally feel a lot more balanced and I am happy about my progress. During several occasions, I was so completely absorbed in my art that I lost all sense of time. It was exhilarating!

Pickerel Weed, acrylic, 8" x 10"

As you will probably agree, it is important to take a creative break to recharge yourself. Being creative helps you to balance out the tension in your life. You can immerse yourself in a project and forget about all the stress around you, no matter the cause of the imbalance. This is possible with any kind of creative outlet that you enjoy, whether it is original or following a pattern. Art is a means to express yourself visually. It can reveal a reaction to feelings, events, or experiences - both positive or negative. To make the most of your creative time, set up an area in your home so that you can access your tools and materials easily. One of the biggest obstacles to creativity is the search for your materials, or the necessity to dig them up from the bottom of a drawer. Thinking about all the hassle that is involved in the preparation will be enough to dissolve your creative energy.

The more I thought about making time for creative breaks, the more I wondered if a break from creativity is also important. As I am a big believer of “everything in moderation”, could it also be necessary to take a break from creativity? Could too much of a good thing also be unhealthy? If you are working in a creative field, I would say a break from creativity is essential. Pause occasionally and allow yourself to enjoy time away to perform other activities. All these experiences will inspire you in further art projects. Be in the moment, look around you, appreciate the wonders of nature, enjoy new sights, and spend time with other people who might have completely different interests. Live and laugh! Enjoy some quiet time, lie down in the grass or at the beach to observe the shapes of the clouds. Find shapes that you recognize. Relax, and if you cannot stop yourself anymore, pick up a sketchbook, a canvas, or any other materials and let what you see inspire you to create something new.

I am wishing you a creative rest of your summer! If you are interested in art courses for the fall semester, please visit my website

Friday, 2 August 2019

Blog-free week

Waterlilies, acrylic, 18" x 24"

I am wishing all of you a wonderful weekend. Make the most of the nice weather! My next blog will be published next Friday.