Friday, 13 April 2018

Creativity Challenge - Week 15

Practicing Sword Online Characters
Blog 15

Wow, it’s time for my blog again. Where did the week go? I am in full packing mode. This week, before I started decluttering my studio, I continued the tulip painting. As I have not painted a lot during the last couple of weeks, I felt a little rusty and was not able to finish it in time for the blog, but I hope that I will have the painting ready for next week’s blog.

While going through my art materials, I had so many ideas, but they have to wait. For now, I am packing everything but one basic set of acrylic and oil paints each, some sketching materials including a watercolour travel set, and my wool for felting.

As for my other creations of the week, I continued with my flower covered table runner. I added some smaller flowers as well as a big sunflower.

For one group of my students, I prepared sketches of Sword Art Online characters. Sword Art Online is is a Japanese light novel series that was the source material for an anime television series and movie. My other group of students concentrated on characters from Gravity Falls, an animated television series. Both series were unknown to me until my students brought them to my attention. There is always something new to learn!

With my 5 - 7 year old students, I drew Batman, a character that is also known by the adult population.

I can hardly wait until I am done packing the first round of our possessions. I miss painting. Even though I really enjoy felting, I still miss sitting in front of the easel. Part of the reason is probably that when I withdraw to my studio to paint, I get totally immersed in my art, while I often felt while watching TV or chatting with family and friends. It might be that I feel this way, because l had to squeeze in some creative time lately instead of having the luxury of having longer stretches of time at my disposal. I have to admit that the current chaos of boxes and things that still need to be packed to get the house staged is not really creating a mood of calmness and inspiration. At least I am off for a week of vacation with a friend of mine starting next Friday. I can certainly need some rest and relaxation.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you are looking for a day of relaxation, inspiration, and creativity, I would like to invite you to the Yoga & Art Retreat at Hikano Yoga Studio in Cumberland, Ontario, on Sunday May 6th from 9:30am to 4:30pm. For more information and to register please go to While Jackie Leduc will lead you through a mindful morning filled with yoga, meditation and breathe work, I will guide you after a delicious lunch, when we will be painting the beautiful lotus flower shown on the left.

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