Friday, 4 May 2018

Creativity Challenge - Week 18

Pink Peonies, acrylic, 20" x 16"
Blog 18

When it was time to write this week’s blog I was literally panicking. Due to my friend’s visit and our moving preparations, I had not spend any time creating. At first, I wanted to let you know that there would just be no blog this week, but then I remembered some events of the last couple of days.

Creating something does not only start when you put something onto paper or canvas. The process starts already when you do research or work on ideas for new work. On Sunday, my friend and I went to the new opening of the Ottawa Art Gallery, 50 Mackenzie King Bridge, Ottawa. In all these years that I have lived in Ottawa, it was my first visit to the gallery. It was on my bucket list for ages, and the opening in the new building was just the perfect opportunity. The new building is very modern, bright, and welcoming. Among the many artworks, you can find the Firestone Collection of Canadian Art with many works by the Group of Seven, as well as many modern works by contemporary artist. While we did not go onto the outdoor rooftop terraces, I am sure they will be widely used during the warmer months. In the studio space, it was wonderful to see the many projects that were provided for kids of all ages. When I had a first look at their programmes, I saw that they have an event called "Sketchy Thursdays" on the last Thursday of every month where you can learn observational sketching techniques, in the summer even "en plein air". These workshops do not only look interesting but are free.

While I did not like all the art that was displayed, it got my own creative juices flowing. Sometimes, a piece for which you do not particularly care can get you thinking outside of your own safe box, or you might decide to give a new medium a try. I can definitely recommend a visit to the Ottawa Art Gallery. The admission is free and the building can be reached easily both by car and bus.

The students of my my three “Cartooning and Comics” classes created beautiful drawings of the Dark Voyager, Luke Skywalker, and the Pokémon characters Eevee and Pikachu under my guidance.

Over the weekend, I put together my new exhibition at the wonderful Black Walnut Bakery, 979 Cameron St, Cumberland Village, Ottawa, Ontario K4C1A1. If you have not tasted the delicious baked goods in this small bakery and café, you do not know what you have been missing.

While I have enough paintings for many exhibitions, putting together the artworks for an exhibition is a lot of work because you want to make sure that the pieces look good in the setting and harmonize with each other. I hope my artworks bring you joy when you spend some time in their cozy café. All paintings are for sale and make great Mother's Day gifts.

At the time when this blog is published, I will be teaching a knife painting workshop. Following the request of learning to paint trees, I spend some time this week going through my photos to find images of trees that will be suitable to teach how to use different kind of knives for different effects. If my students agree, I will post pictures next week.

Lastly, if you love flower paintings, I will gladly guide you in the creation of your own unique peonies painting that will bring you joy for a long time in next Friday’s Peonies Painting Party (May 1, 2018 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at 1270 Kinsella Drive, Cumberland, ON). For more details please go to my website

Thank you for reading my blog.

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