Friday, 19 October 2018

Waiting to be Finished

An Afternoon in Kamouraska, acrylic, 8" x 16" fresh off the easel

Blog 42

While I love summer and am always sad when the swimming season is over, early fall is my preferred season to go painting outside. The mosquitoes are gone, the sun is still warming up the cooler days enough so that you are still comfortable without heavy boots and snow pants. The colour of the trees is amazing, and the light is warmer. Moreover, many places are less busy than during the summer months. While I try to get as far as possible, many of the paintings still need some touch-ups in the studio. Especially after a painting trip, I have quite a number of paintings that still need some work. The last Kamouraska trip was an exception as I used the rainy day to touch up some of the paintings from the first two painting days and finished two paintings from previous trips. As we usually have at least one day when rain makes it almost impossible to paint outside, we always bring some material to bridge the day. A still life or a painting from reference photos is a good choice. For the last couple of trips to Kamouraska I have brought paintings from previous trips as I feel more inspired in the area where I created the pieces. Nevertheless, I still have lots of unfinished paintings from painting trips and painting demonstrations.

unfinished tree painting, acrylic, 16" x 20"
I assume many of you have the same issue with partly finished paintings that you might have started in a workshop. Maybe, you started a painting and then got stuck and frustrated, and put it away, hoping to get back to it at another time. Some of you might also enjoy the social aspect of painting in a group, which is part of the attraction of painting parties. Whatever the reason for your abandoned artworks, I can offer you a solution: the Art Circle. We will get together every first and third Wednesday afternoon of the month to finish artworks that have been standing in a corner for too long. You do not necessarily have to paint. As long as you can work on your project sitting at a table and do not use any odor causing mediums, you are welcome to join us. Please bring your own materials. I provide easels. There is no instruction, but we will support and help each other. You can register until two days before each event for $5 each, or you can buy a 10 visit pass for $50 and you will get a complementary 11th visit. For more information and to register please contact me at

If you like the idea but are only available in the evenings and on weekends, please let me know. If we find enough people who are interested, I will gladly offer an additional time.

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