Friday, 18 January 2019

Creativity Challenge 2019 - Week 3

Blog 3

This week is already the third week of my Creativity Challenge, and I started strong due to the August Macke workshop that I held last Friday.

I forgot to take a picture of the first stage
 but you can see the painting in the back.
 My husband took a picture
 so that I would be able to create my own portrait.

Day 11: During the workshop, we studied August Macke’s painting “Blue Girl Reading” to see how he used colour to express emotion and mood. I decided to exchange the young woman with a portrait of myself.

Later that day, I sketched some characters and part of the set at the Ottawa Little Theatre play “Ripcord”, which is always a challenge due to the fast movement of the characters and the often insufficient lighting on my drawing book. However, I am always excited to see later on what I created, even when it is not very good as it is a snapshot of my experience at the theatre.


Day 12: On Saturday, I spent the whole day at a health workshop and was quite tired in the evening. Nevertheless, I worked for about half an hour on my cardinal. I added another layer of a warmer red to the chest and sides.

Day 13: At another whole day event, I created quick sketches of the participants. It was very challenging as they moved a lot. I am sure they would not recognize themselves but I have enough information to trigger my memory.

Day 14: On my only day off, I continued my work on Alex by defining his fur. Later, I created a sketch of Olaf and Sven from Frozen for my new Cartooning and Comics courses for children that started this week.

Day 15: After a day of teaching German and art, I needed to concentrate on some business work in the evening and unfortunately did not have time to be creative. Here is the image of Olaf from the class demonstration.

Day 16: During “Art Circle”, I continued the self-portrait in the style of August Macke. It still needs some work.

In the evening, the students of my second "Cartooning and Comics" course drew Olaf and Sven from "Frozen". This time, I showed the students that they are in control of changing elements of the character.

Day 17: I spent some more time felting the cardinal. The beak is attached but it still needs some work.

If you would like some support with your creative projects, I invite you to try out the “Art Circle” where you can create and socialize with others for two hours on the first and third Wednesday of the month at my home in Cumberland. There is no instruction but you will be able to get some advice and encouragement to proceed and finish your artworks. Please bring your own art equipment and materials. To register and for more information please go to my newly redesigned website

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