Friday, 1 February 2019

Creativity Challenge 2019 - Week 5

Blog 5

I had a busy week both on a personal level as well as at work. It started with a three day family reunion at our house, which made it challenging to fit some creative time into my life while entertaining. Nevertheless, I was able to squeeze in a couple of minutes both on Friday and Saturday.

Day 25: I used the time at the restaurant when I was waiting with my daughter for the arrival of the rest of the family to create a sketch of my daughter. I am not happy with the sketch but it was a good exercise. Later, I was even able to continue my temperature shawl. Now, I only need to knit the rows for the last 7 days of 2018.

Day 26: While the whole family was at the fabulous Museum of Nature in Ottawa, I managed to sit down for two quick sketches. One is of a water bird, while the other is of an interesting branch in one of the insect habitats.

Day 27: The Winter Sunset Painting Party was a lot of fun. I enjoyed guiding the participants to versions of the painting that bring out their uniqueness. After the event, I felt so energized that I created a heart-filled Valentine’s painting for the February painting party.

Day 28: In preparation for my next Cartooning and Drawing Class, I checked out the characters of the Lego Movie 2. The students had asked to draw a character from the movie. At the end, I picked the Apocalypseburg Unikitty. I also created one doodle for my mixed media class and two quick doodles of a snail and a cat which were fun to make even though they are not very sophisticated. It is important to play, especially when creating art!

Day 29: Tuesday was not my day; a lot of things went wrong. The snow caused additional delays and inconveniences. At the end, I only had time to demonstrate the drawing process for the students of my class.

Day 30: What a nice break after the messed-up day! I met with two of my friends for an hour of crafting. This gave me a chance to continue felting my cardinal.

Day 31: On this last day of the month, I continued felting my cardinal. He is definitely going to be a big bird but I am excited to see how he will turn out.

It is already the last day of January! I managed to create something almost every day.
The accountability of the blog certainly was an extra encouragement. I will continue with my daily creative time but will also add some different content to my blog. For upcoming events please check my website I have decided that 2019 will be all about fun and spending time with old and new friends. I hope that my workshops and painting parties will help you to improve your skills and create new relationships.

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