Friday, 20 September 2019

Painting Trip to Kamouraska 2019 - Part I

Grassland, acrylic, 11" x 14"

Block 28

I am back from my painting trip to Kamouraska. Our Kam 6 Group spent a wonderful time painting the always-changing landscape. The week flew by much too fast. Here is the first part of my travelogue. As I have so much to share with you, the next part will follow next week. The final part will be published in two weeks. I hope you enjoy following my adventures.

September 8, 2019

We are back in Kamouraska. For Janis and I, it is our 10th time. This year, Hélène, Janis and I decided to carpool. It was the first time that the three of us went in one car. When we arrived yesterday afternoon, it was only 9 degrees, windy and rainy. I cannot remember any other year when we arrived at such cold weather. As we were too early to get into the house, we bought our groceries and kept an eye out for painting spots. We were looking forward to the arrival of Sharon, Bill and Leslie. We had so much to talk about after not seeing each other for a year. When it was time for dinner, Hélène’s lasagna with salad and blueberry coulis hit the spot. We were all looking excited to get painting the next day.

Pastel Landscape, acrylic, 5" x 7"

When we awoke this morning, the rain had stopped. However, due to the strong wind, painting outside was challenging. Therefore, we went to St-André, where we set up in the lighthouse at Parc de Ancien Quai. I painted a 5”x 7” and an 11” x 14” (see top of blog) landscape painting of the St-Lawrence River.

Sunshine Family, acrylic, 11" x 14"

Around lunch, the sun came out and it warmed up. We stopped at the house for a break, before Hélène and I drove to the Jardin des Générations in the Rue Notre-Dame in Saint-Pascal, next to the arena, where we painted some beautiful sunflowers in the sunshine. It got so warm that I took off my shoes and socks. Two hours later, we fled from the mosquitoes that had eventually caught up with us.

Tired and hungry, we were ready for Happy Hour and later enjoyed the delicious salmon with potatoes and salad that Leslie had cooked. We finished the delicious meal with an apple crumble with strawberries and coconut cream.

Le Gros Pèlerin, acrylic, 6" x 12"

September 9, 2019

Today, we had a day with mixed weather. When the sun came out, it was very warm, but the wind was so strong that I wore my rain pants, scarf and gloves when the sun hide behind the clouds. Because of the clear view, we decided to go up towards St-Germain, then turned into Rang Mississipi, but could not decide on a painting spot. We turned around, went further up the Rue Principal, then took the 230 east until we hit the 289. There, we turned towards the river until we reached the Rang Premiere East. From this road, we had an amazing view of the Îles Les Pélerins. Janis and Hélène left after lunch, but Leslie and I stayed into the afternoon. Then we drove to Route de la Grève, where we walked along the beach. As it was too late to start a new painting, we drove back to Kamouraska and stopped at the store “Le fil bleu”, where you can buy local artisans’ works. It was another great day. At night, we enjoyed Janis’ chicken curry with salad and her traditional blueberry duffs.

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