Friday, 20 March 2015

Did You Hear That???

Blog 11

Considering that this week was St. Patrick's Day, I thought talking about my very green painting “Did You Hear That???' would be very appropriate.

This acrylic painting was done in my studio using reference photos I had taken on a friend's property. She lives in rural Ottawa and is lucky enough to have not only a creek with a waterfall running through her property but also to have several ponds and a beautiful garden. No wonder that wildlife feels right at home at her place. If I was a frog, this would be my dream place to live. Thinking about it, her garden is an oasis I would not mind having.

My painting buddies and I have painted on my friend's property several times at different times of the year. There are more than enough gorgeous views in any season: I did several paintings on site of the waterfall and creek, one of her ponds, and her spring flowers pushing through the snow.

Both the shimmering goldfish in her ponds as well as the frogs have fascinated me every time I went over. So when I looked at all the photos I have taken throughout the years, I saw many frog photos. This got me intrigued to start my frog painting. The shapes in the composition are simple enough and were no problem. However, mixing enough different shades of green and getting the frogs to be visible on this mostly green composition was very hard. Adding some rust colour and bluish green leaves helped to bring out the frogs.

It took me a long time to finish the painting but I am still smiling when I look at it today, and I am not the only one. A lot of people comment on my frog painting.

I have noticed this with many animal paintings. They just put a smile on people's faces. Most people can relate to them, think about their own encounters and adventures with an animal. Maybe it is also because animals usually make us happy. They delight us with their beauty and their sounds, whether it is the melody of the birds, the happy barks from a dog, or the loud concerts of the frogs - they let us pause and make us remember what is really important in life.

Do you have animals that cheer you up, whether a pet, birds or other wildlife whose sight and sounds make you happy? I would love to hear from you which animal make your day, and why.

As today is the first day of spring, we will probably see nature awakening and peeking through the covers of snow soon. I already enjoy the beautiful songs of the birds, and can hardly wait for the first flower to bloom. In our house we have a yearly game of guessing when the last bit of snow will be gone, not only on our property but in the neighbourhood. My guess is May 1, 2015 but I would not mind to lose this bet.

If you would like to see the original painting, it is exhibited right now at the Bean Town Ranch, 2891 N Plantagenet Concession 3 Rd, Alfred and Plantagenet, ON K0B 1L0, Canada. The Bean Town Ranch is open for the sugar bush season until April 12, 2015 every Saturday and Sunday. For more information please go to I will actually be on site Sunday, March 22, 2015.

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  1. I enjoy reading your Blogs Kerstin. Always very interesting.. My guess for the last bit of snow around here would be May 12th. Hope I am wrong.
    As far as animals, we were always welcomed by our loving dogs. It has been a year since our little Lucky left us ( she was 18). A dog is always happy to see you come home !!!! Always put a smile on our faces.