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Easter Crafts

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If you have followed me for a while, you know that I believe that art is for everyone. We will not all end up becoming famous artists, but creating art is something that gives lots of pleasure and really relaxes. The most important part is not the finished artwork but the enjoyment of the process of creating, to be like a child again experimenting with different mediums, and surfaces. Do not be afraid to start something new.

This year, I started my ¨Creativity and Me” workshops which run once a month on a Saturday to encourage especially people who are too intimidated to start their creative adventure. I might add another mid-week workshop as I have had many people ask for it as their weekend activities are reserved for the family.

Last weekend, I held another ¨Creativity and Me” workshop at my house. Even though it was not springlike at all, it was actually snowing heavily outside, and we lost power for most of the event but this could not change the great atmosphere inside. We had lots of fun painting wooden Easter eggs and were chatting so vividly that we did not even miss the background music.

Everyone dove enthusiastically into the project. One of the participants made an elaborate sketch on a paper plate only to realize that this was far too detailed to put it on the round surface of the small Easter egg. We experienced that it was a completely different feeling to paint on a surface that is not flat. You only see part of your design which is also an advantage when you prefer a certain area of your egg. When you display your egg, you can put the best side up.

As you are totally free in how you decorate your egg, this is a project for all age groups. I tried two different approaches. For the first egg, I did the design once I had picked the colour of my egg. The next time I just started at the top and let my design evolve one shape at a time which was fun, too.
One of the participants tried her hands at a pointillist approach while another painted her favourite flowers on the eggs and added some metallic paint for extra emphasis. It took all of us about two hours to decorate one egg. However, if you would do the project with kids the time would probably be a lot shorter depending on what they want to paint on their egg.

 You will need the following materials for the project:

  • wooden eggs
  • poster, gouache or acrylic paints
  • brushes
  • markers or gel markers

Another fun and not very expensive project with kids is a nice Easter place mat made out of foam sheet. I will do this project at my Easter Crafts workshop at Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex this weekend.

The materials for this fun project are :
  • foam sheets, (30cm x 45cm/11.8” x 17.7”)
  • sticky foam sheets in various colours
  • stick foam sheet letters
  • markers
  • glue stick, if you only have non-stick foam sheets

For my workshop I prepared cardboard templates of a bunny, and different sized eggs.

So if were looking for something to do with your family on the Easter weekend, I hope you got inspired. I am wishing you all a Happy Easter with lots of fun during the Easter egg hunt or just while spending time with your family.

Please contact me at if you would be interested in the ¨Creativity and Me¨ workshops. The next one will be on Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 1pm to 4pm. We will be doing a personal goal mandala.

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