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Kamouraska - Part II

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It is raining and foggy, so that you cannot see the other shore. I do not mind.

The Monadnock at Route de la Grève,
 oil, 11" x 14
We had another great day yesterday. The sun was shining, even though it was quite windy again. In the morning, Janis and I went to the Monadnock at the end of the “Route de la Grève” where we spent the morning.

After our lunch at the house, we continued to St-Pascal. We tried to find the waterfall we had painted years ago. At first we ended up at the wrong falls. The “Sept Chutes”, is on a trail of plains and farmland with views of seven waterfalls. However, you would need really light painting gear to paint there. It would be great for sketching and watercolour painting.

St-Pascal Waterfall, oil 11" x 14"
On our way back to town, we found the waterfall at the Kamouraska river that we were looking for. Unfortunately, the dairy bar next to it was closed. It would have been a nice refreshment in the warm sun. We had a great time painting.

As it was too late to start another painting, we spent some time scouting places in Mont-Carmel. We discovered the Cultural Hiking Trail and hiked to the Place of Painting, a two floor pavilion that once offered a great view over the fields and mountains, the St. Lawrence River and the Charlevoix Coast However, in the years since the pavilion was built, the trees grew, so they obscure most of the view. Too bad!

Back at the house, Sharon waited for us with appetizers, chili, and ice cream. We spent the evening chatting while I finished the felted Santa for my November “Creativity & Me” workshop. Cute little guy! Tonight it will be cold enough to think about Christmas.


Mountains in the Mist, oil, 5" x 7"
Due to the rain, Janis and I had set up our painting equipment in the winter garden which has a great view of the St. Lawrence River. I created two small paintings of the ever changing landscape. The first one shows the landscape when the fog has just lifted, so that the Charlevoix Coast became visible. The second one was done in the early afternoon when the water had just such beautiful green and blue hues that I had to capture the fleeting image.

Later, I also finished a painting of the garden behind the house which I started in the fall of 2011.

I am quite happy with this productive day, even though I never left the house except to onload my equipment.

Due to the fact that two of our friends had to cancel due to illness, we had leftover day. What a feast!

We are all looking forward to tomorrow’s sunny day. It will be the first day I have to get out my fall/winter gear as the morning temperatures are forecasted only to be 6 degrees Celsius. However, it looks like we can expect a calm day, which does not seem to happen very often in this region, at least not during our trips.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I am back at home. This time, I followed Sharon and Bill until we reached the highway 17 when I turned towards Rockland. It was a smooth drive in sunny to overcast conditions - perfect for driving. Only the last stretch in heavy rain which started in the Hawkesbury was not pleasant at all.


Thursday and Friday, we spent two wonderful painting days.

Thursday, Janis and I decided to paint in St-Roch-des-Aulnaies, about 30 minutes west of Kamouraska. Unfortunately, we had to go on a big detour as the exit to St-Roch was closed. The next exit was St-Jean-Port-Joli, which is about 30 kilometres west from St-Roch. As we ended up straight in front of the tourist information centre, we stocked up on maps and brochures about the area. One of my first ideas was to look for a wool store. We were in luck! Only minutes from the information centre was the “Boutique Alpagas de l’Ermitage”. Janis and I found some beautiful wool and alpaca rovings for felting. It was so exciting. After our purchase, we went to the Parc des Trois-Bèrets and the Nautical Park with its many information boards about the history of the region.

The park contains many carved works of artists from around the world. Along trails, magnificent carved benches honor the founding families of the city.

We were inspired by the view of the St. Lawrence River that we spent the first part of the afternoon painting from the edge of the park. In the early afternoon, we continued to St. Roch where we first went to the “Havre du Quai”. Wanting to satisfy our sweet tooth first, we made a detour to the local “Seigneurie des Aulnaies”, where we did not only buy some delicious cookies but also some organic gifts for our families at home.

Back at the “Havre du Quai”, I worked on a painting of the fascinating rocks that get partially immerged every time the tide comes in.

At night, we enjoyed a very nice meal at “Mamie’s”, where only local products are prepared and served.

Friday morning, Janis had to leave for an art show in Ottawa. I followed Sharon and Bill to the Quai de Rivière-Ouelle where we spent the whole day. When we arrived the water was a turquoise in the back and slightly pink in the front. The tide was out so that Sharon and Bill stayed on the rocks while I set up close to the quay. I just had to capture the colours of the water.

White Roses, oil, 7" x 5"
After our lunch on one of the brand new picnic tables, I went to the beach and painted the tide coming in. To clean up my palette of the many greens, and to keep with the tradition of creating one wild rose painting a trip, a set out to capture some beautiful white roses.

The three of us were exhausted when we returned to the house. We were lucky to be able to witness another wonderful sunset. One of these days, we have to make the effort and capture it on canvas. Perhaps next September, because we are definitely going back.


While you are reading this travelogue, I am already on the next painting trip, the fall painting trip with the Plein Air Ensemble to Lake Clear in Eganville, Ontario. I hope I can tell you some interesting stories when I get back next week.

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