Friday, 3 February 2017

Creativity Challenge Week 5

Blog 5

This is the last blog of my personal 2017 creativity challenge. At some points life took over and made it impossible to create art every day. However, the challenge encouraged me to pick up my felting needle or a pencil when I would have otherwise possibly worked in front of my computer. I was very happy to hear that some of you got inspired to start their own challenge.

I will do my best to keep creative even though my new work situation might make it difficult. I have to adjust to getting up early and teaching the whole morning (on top of several nights a week). I adapted my creative hours to my new schedule to allow at least one hour a day for art. However, appointments or visitors might interfere with my plan from time to time. That’s okay as long as I do not give up creating. Like with any habit, there are always times when you cannot follow through with your plan because of some circumstances. It is important to keep on going despite the obstacle.

Any artist has periods of more or less productive times. Sometimes, it even helps to take a break to get a fresh start. I am not planning on taking a break. I am excited that my first new work of this year will be a portrait of a beautiful cat.

Here are photos of the last seven days:

Day 27:

My student and I set up another still life. I was quite tired after a full day of orientation and had a hard time to concentrate on the still life of subjects that did not really appeal to me. It is been always easier to draw or paint something you love because you pay more attention to it.

Day 28:

After a busy day, my husband and I had dinner at a restaurant. I created a quick sketch of the salt shaker.

Day 29:

I could finally continue the work on the portrait of our dogs. I am quite happy with the way Candy, the Golden Retriever, looks. I started to work on Alex’ details and hope to work on him some more this weekend. 

I also continued working on my felted image of the dachshund.

Day 30 and 31:

There was no time to sit down and relax, let alone be creative.

Day 32:

I finally finished the little squirrel. It is a cute little critter.

Day 33:

I had planned to finish the still life but only had time to write my blog.

I hope you enjoyed following my challenge. If my example got you in the mood to get more creative, but you would like some help, I encourage you to join me for some of the workshops I offer. I still offer a drawing class for beginners on every second Thursday of the month and a felting drop-in on the fourth Thursday of the month. For more information please contact me at

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