Friday, 29 December 2017

Thank you

Blog 53
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. This last blog of the year will be very short, as I am spending the time between Christmas and New Year's Day with my family.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your support. Being an artist is not always easy. I feel lucky to be able to paint and to share my passion with you. However, what you usually hear about are the successes. There is also frustration when a project does not turn out, when I come back from a show without sales, or when I am working on the rather boring administrative side of my business. These are the moments when your support is even more important. Thank you for coming to my exhibitions, reading and commenting on my blogs, newsletters, and social media posts. I will do my best to keep you entertained throughout 2018.
Following are the last two days of the 2017 advent calendar:

Day 23:
“Mountain Road” was also painted during the painting trip to Kamouraska. We painted on a monadnock above St-André on a day, when it was too windy to paint close to the river. We needed a sheltered spot to set up our equipment. At the end, our whole group had the same idea and we spent the day painting together.

Day 24:
“Sweet Candy” is a 12” x 12” acrylic painting of our beautiful Golden Retriever who died totally unexpected almost three years ago.
We adopted her in early January 2006 just after Christmas. When we met her for the first time at the Humane Society, she was still named Coco, but considering all the sweets we had during the Christmas holidays, we renamed her Candy. The name was very fitting. She was such a sweet and happy girl. The portrait shows her hoping for a treat.
I hope you enjoyed my review of some of my 2017 artworks.
I am wishing you a happy and successful year 2018. May you make time for yourself and let art brighten up your days.
If you would like to create a visual reminder of your vision for a great 2018, I would like to invite you to my workshop on January 7, 2018 from 2:30pm - 4:30pm at 1270 Kinsella Drive, Cumberland, ON, K4C 1A9. The vision board will help you to focus your energy on your goals in the upcoming months. The fee for this workshop is $15. You can either pay by cash, by cheque or by e-transfer. For more information please send me an email to I will provide all the materials, but please feel free to bring some travel catalogues or your own magazines or pictures.

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