Friday, 23 February 2018

Creativity Challenge - Week 8

Blog 8

During the past week, I sketched, felted, knitted, and even painted.

It all started with some sketching during the Ottawa Little Theatre performance of “Dead Accounts”. We have seats in the front row, and I usually manage to sketch a little bit, as long as the stage is not too dark.

The last of the above sketches was created in a restaurant a day later while we waited for our food.

As we spent the weekend at the cottage, I had a lot of time to continue felting Alex with his own fur. I adjusted the size so that he will be one third of his actual size. So far, I have part of the body, his four legs, and a head that still is much too small. All parts still need more definition.

The next two days, I was so exhausted from packing our belongings into boxes that I only sat down and worked on my temperature shawl.

Yesterday, despite having a really tough day, I went to my studio and started defining Alex’ features in his portrait. Being in my studio is like being in a bubble; all the stress and worries seem to stay outside of my studio for awhile. I concentrate completely on my painting and dive into a world of my own.

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