Friday, 30 November 2018

Angel Painting

Blog 48

This is my last holiday project for this year. Starting next week, I will post my yearly advent calendar that gives you a review of the artworks that I created during the last 12 months. I will post a new image every day starting on December 1 on my Facebook page In my blog, you will receive a weekly summary of the posts.

The last project is the angel painting that I also am offering as a painting party. It is the perfect project for all ages. Who can say no to such a cute angel?

Here is a list of the materials:
16” x 20” (or 8” x 10”) canvas
Acrylic or poster paint (I used white, yellow, red, and a little bit brown, but you could also get premixed skin colour.)
Stickers (hearts, stars, etc.)
Glitter glue (optional)
Palette, white plate or cutting board
Water container
Paper towels

Here are the steps to create your Advent calendar:

1) Draw the angel onto the canvas
Start with simple shapes: a circle for the head, then attach a triangle without the top for the dress. The shoes and ears are half circles, the hands half ovals. The wings can be any shape you like. Mine look like parts of a star.

2) Paint your background.

3) Paint the dress, the wings and the face.

4) Add the details once the base colour is dry. You could also use googly eyes, or use a marker for the detail work.

5) Attach the embellishments.

I hope you enjoyed my holiday crafts and got inspired to create your own masterpieces. Handmade gifts are so special in this age of consumerism. Creating something also gives you a nice break from your daily responsibilities and too much time spend in front of your computer and TV. As it is often even more fun in a group, get your friends and family together and make it a craft event. If you need some help, please do not hesitate to contact me at Winter is a great time for painting parties and workshops to have fun together and create memories.

At the end of today's blog, I would like to invite you to my 5th Annual Open House and Customer Appreciation Day on December 1, 2018 from 1pm to 4pm at 1270 Kinsella Dr, Cumberland, ON K4C 1A9, Canada. You will be able to talk to me about my new paintings and greeting cards while enjoying some holiday treats. Every visitor will receive a $10 discount coupon to be used when registering for any of my 2019 workshops.

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