Friday, 7 December 2018

Advent Calendar - Days 1 to 7

Blog 49

As I had already announced last week, the blogs of the final weeks of 2018 will contain an Advent Calendar of my 2018 artworks.

This blog contains the images of the first seven days. If you do not wish to wait for the weekly count-down to Christmas, you can go to my Facebook page at, where a new image is revealed every morning at 9am.  As not everyone sees the images automatically on their timeline due to the Facebook algorithms, I decided to bundle them weekly in my blog.

Day 1 of my Advent Calendar:
This is the first year in which I did not create anything related to winter. Things in my personal life were too busy, but I was very active during the summer. My first image is a drawing of the sculpture "Friends" that I created at the Humanics Institute Sanctuary and Sculpture Park. This is one of my favourite sculptures of the park because family and friends are such an essential part of my life. I created this watercolour pencil sketch on site when I went to the park with a couple of members of the Ottawa Plein Air Adventures Group. In some areas of the drawing I added water to create the watercolour effect. I love my watercolour pencils, as I do not have to carry a lot of materials with me, and I can decide to leave the drawing as a coloured pencil artwork or turn it into a watercolour painting.

Day 2:
I finished the “8 x 10” acrylic painting “The Old Shed” during a July morning at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum where I painted an old shed that nature is slowly taking over.

Day 3:
"Flower", the little skunk, was a gift for a friend of mine. Isn't she cute? If you would like to learn how to create felted little creatures, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Day 4:
This 10” x 10” acrylic painting “Climax” is a painting of greenhouse tulips that I purchased in February when I just needed a reminder that spring was coming. The tulips were at their prime when I painted them. Months after I had finished and signed the painting, I looked at it while sitting in front of my easel and working on another painting. Suddenly, I felt the need to make some slight changes to the bottom shape of the vase to and felt much happier when I was done.

Day 5:
“Grounded” is the very first painting that I created during my painting trip to Kamouraska, Quebec. We set up our equipment right in front of the rented house at Ave LeBlanc in Kamouraska, Quebec.

Day 6:
“Baby Bateau” is 8” x 10” oil painting that I started in 2011 and finally finished on the only rainy day during our painting trip to Kamouraska in September. This boat has been anchored across from the house for all of these years that we have come to Kamouraska. We have only seen it being driven once.

Day 7:
“ Pink St. Lawrence River” is a 5” x 7” oil painting that I created on the bank of the St. Lawrence River in L'Islet-sur-Mer. I did not feel inspired by the scene but the rest of  my painting buddies had agreed upon the spot. At home, I changed the colour of the water to a stronger pink to bring more liveliness into the image.

I hope you are enjoying the review of my artworks and the stories behind them. Next week, I will post the next seven artworks.

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