Friday, 22 March 2019

The Difference Between a Painting Party and a Workshop

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Over the last decade, painting parties have been increasingly successful. I am sure, we all know friends and family members who have been to at least one painting party. Some people love them so much that they register for them regularly. If you are new to painting, you might be wondering about the differences between a painting party and an art workshop. Here is a short comparison of the two.

Let’s start with the painting party. The first painting party companies were founded about 10 years ago. Many are franchise based, and they offer a full-service painting experience for everyone. No painting skills are required, and all the materials are provided. The participants register to create a certain painting, and an artist offers step-by-step instructions to paint the image. These events are often hosted in restaurants, where the participants can enjoy some drinks while painting. At the end of the event, each participant leaves with a finished painting. It is not the participants' goal to learn painting but to have a good time - often with family, friends or colleagues -, to relax, to socialize, and to take a unique keepsake home as a lovely memory of the entertaining evening. Painting parties are a great way to spend quality time together at an affordable price tag.

inspired by F. Varley's "Stormy Weather"
On the other hand, when you register for an art workshop, you intend to learn something new or to improve your existing skills. The instructor will demonstrate a certain technique or medium during the workshop. The focus during a workshop is to help each student to express their own ideas and individuality in their artworks. As the instructor will pay attention to each participant, the groups are a lot smaller than for most painting parties.

When I started to offer painting parties, I focused on smaller groups because I wanted to help participants to have fun on a more personal approach. With the smaller groups, I can still go around in between steps and give some tips and encouragement when necessary. It is a more personal experience, both for the participants and for myself. It is very satisfying to see how happy the participants are when they look at their finished project. While some will continue and are excited to visit paint parties, for others the painting parties awaken the thirst to create their own art.

If you are interested in learning more about the painting parties and workshops that I offer, please visit my website I am also prepared to help you to host a personal painting party for a special event, e.g. a birthday party, bridal shower, retirement party. I love to share my passion with you and help to bring more joy into your life by creating lasting memories.

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