Friday, 22 November 2019

Gifting Art Materials

Blog 34

Have you already started your Christmas shopping? For weeks, we are bombarded with flyers and email offers with lots of suggestions, but unfortunately, most of us have no idea what to buy for their family members and friends. While we receive wishlists from the little ones in the family, some advice for the older generation would also be beneficial. Don't you wish you knew what the mature adults in our midst would enjoy, those who already seem to have everything? This week, I will tell you how to shop for the creative people in your life.

If you have artists on your list of people to buy gifts for, don't go to an art store unprepared as the range of products will completely overwhelm you. Instead, start by looking around their work area, talk to them about materials they use, look at flyers together, or visit an art store with them before the holiday season. Pay attention to the materials they are talking about and admiring. If they are taking a class or painting with friends, you could also ask the instructor or one of their friends for advice. Once you are in the store, always choose the best quality you can afford, especially for adolescent and adult artists.

Art materials are a gift that provides hours of entertainment and increases creativity. Maybe, you even get inspired to pick up a creative hobby. The possibilities are endless. Happy shopping!

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