Sunday, 10 November 2019

The Gift of Art

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Remembrance Day is at the beginning of next week. On the radio, you already hear the first Christmas advertisements. Each weekend, art and craft shows are competing for visitors. There, you can find many gifts for all kinds of tastes and budgets. You will see beautiful art and might be wondering if an artwork makes a good gift.

When we consider gifts for our loved ones, we want to give presents that create excitement. However, figuring out the perfect gift is sometimes quite difficult, even when we know the other persons' interests.

Many people resort to giving gift cards to avoid the hassle of searching for the perfect gift. Gift cards are convenient but very impersonal.

On the other hand, a special gift creates genuine excitement and happiness. Choosing a piece of art is a very personal decision. It says a lot about you and how you see and value the other person.

If you decide to buy an artwork, you can find very nice pieces from emerging artists at very reasonable prices. The increasing number of online galleries makes it even easier to buy art in all price categories from the comfort of your home. However, pay attention to the recipients' tastes as well as to their hobbies and lifestyle. Do they love pets, enjoy nature, or music? Look around their home to see what kind of art they like as well as their style and favourite colours.

If you are lucky, you might be present when your family member or friend shows interest in an artwork. In this case, pick up the artist's business card or name and the title of the work in question. Then, you can arrange the sale, and if necessary the delivery, with the artist or gallery. Pay attention to the retailer's return policies. Make sure that the work is ready to hang, or include a gift certificate for framing so the recipient can enjoy the gift without having to spend extra money.

Make your gift even more personal with a note that explains your choice. Maybe, there is a story behind the purchase of that particular painting, like a place you visited together, or the fact that the painting reminded you of something in the other person's life.

If you are unsure about your loved ones' taste and interest in art, you might consider visiting a museum together. Once you know what you are looking for, you can go to a gallery for help. However, if you decide that you want to leave the choice to the recipient, get a gift certificate from a gallery or an artist. This way, your family member or friend can even decide to commission a work that is truly unique and personal.

If you are looking for ideas, I invite you to make an appointment with me by sending an email to I offer a variety of artworks in different mediums as well as gift cards for workshops and artwork. I will gladly answer any questions you might have. Please notice that my studio will be closed from December 1, 2019, to January 5, 2020, due to my trip to Germany.

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