Friday, 13 March 2020

March Break Project

Tissue Paper Fish

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With the start of March Break in Ontario, I post an easy and fun tissue paper project that you can do with your children. You do not need a lot of art supplies, you might even have everything already at home.

  • 2 sheets of white or coloured paper
  • coloured tissue paper (Paper from gift bags can be easily reused for this project.)
  • scissors
  • liquid glue mixed with water (2:1)
  • cotton swaps
  • wax paper to cover the work area

image 1: frame for the artwork, image 2: discarded inside, image 3: project in process

To make the instruction easier, I explain the steps of creating a butterfly, but any symmetrical shape (fish, apple, leaf, etc.) will work.


1) Take one piece of white or coloured paper and fold it in half. Draw the outline of one half of your butterfly, then cut out the shape. Put the cut-out butterfly on the second piece of paper and trace the outline. Cut out the second butterfly. You will have two butterflies of the same size.

2) Draw a line 1/2 inch away from the outside of your butterfly, then cut the inside of your butterfly out. What is left is the 1/2 inch frame of your butterfly. Repeat this with the second piece of paper. As you have two smaller butterfly shapes left, you can decide to create another butterfly with the rest of the paper following the steps. I decided to cut the pieces of paper separately as it is easier to cut through one folded paper than through two folded papers, especially with children’s scissors.

3) Take some coloured tissue paper and tear it in little pieces. Then, dip your cotton swab into the glue and attach your tissue paper to the butterfly frame. Starting from the outside, you add more and more pieces that are overlapping, until the inside of your butterfly is filled. Lift your project carefully from time to time, so that it does not get stuck on the wax paper.

4) Take the second frame and glue it on top of the first frame. This way, you cover the edges of the tissue paper on the bottom frame.

5) Feel free to glue spots, antennas, or eyes to the butterfly.

6) Add some string or tape to hang your art project in front of a window. Admire how your butterfly glows, when the sun shines through.

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