Friday, 29 January 2021

Creativity Challenge Day 15 - 28

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For the second two weeks of my Creativity Challenge, I was able to create something every day but one very hectic Monday. However, on the rest of the days, I often spent much longer than ten minutes on my project. Especially the felted artworks take a lot of patience. Needle felting is not a fast process.

Still Life with Green Pears, wool, 9” x 12”, custom-matted, $400

I finished the pears of my first felted still life. I like the contrast of the fresh green with the dark blue and white of the tablecloth. 

Breaking the Ice, wool, 9.75” x 11.75”, custom-matted, $400

When I looked through my old photos, I could not resist creating a needle felted painting of this subject. It had already inspired me to paint the 16” x 20” painting of the same title. I enjoyed the process of layering the wool and seeing the image come to life.

Low Tide at the Monadnock, acrylic, 11” x 14”, $375, unframed

I was finally able to finish the painting from the September 2019 trip to Kamouraska. The scene is from the site of our favourite monadnock at Route de la Grève. We have returned to the place on each of our trips to paint and have lunch.

Big Rock, Lake Clear, acrylic, acrylic, 8” x 10”, $250, unframed

When I had finished Low Tide at the Monadnock, I was so energized that I continued painting. This painting is from the Plein Air Ensemble painting trip to Lake Clear in Eganville in October 2019. Many painters in the area have painted the rock that is truly impressive in its size.

I was with my friends Hélène and Janis when I painted Big Rock. It was a very windy day, but in the sunshine, temperatures rose to 15 degrees. We had so much fun that we did not mind that we were late for Happy Hour that day.

The above mentioned artworks are for sale. To purchase them, please send me an email to All prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping is not included. I accept credit cards and PayPal.

Here are my smaller artworks that I created during my January Creativity Challenge:

The blooming orchids in my house inspired me to draw and paint many flowers during the last two weeks. Most of the time, I started with watercolour pencils. Then, I added watercolours and ink to bring out the bright colours of the flowers.

For my German instruction, I created this image for a little story that I wrote. In the story, a little boy has a nightmare about a dragon. To fall back asleep, he hugs his plush bunny and sheep tight. It was a lot of fun to create both the story and the image.

During the recent virtual Snowmen Painting Party, I create this lovely snow couple.




I hope my January Creativity Challenge has inspired you to be more creative. If you need some help, I invite you to my upcoming courses and workshops. You can check out my February to April schedule at

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