Friday, 12 February 2021

Blog-free Week

While I am not officially doing my Creativity Challenge anymore, I still aim to spend some creative time every day. It always calms me down and brings me joy even when I have a frustrating day.

I am glad for the weekly virtual meeting with my painting buddies. During our hour together, we have worked on a variety of subjects. It is fun to see how each of us translates the photos into artworks. I usually use watercolour pencils or coloured pencils but have also worked with watercolours. Most of the time, I still work on the piece after our meetings.

I also enjoy the time with my students. Creating artworks to demonstrate different techniques and materials is always a fun experiment. I learn something from every new project.

Last but not least, I enjoy creating stories and relating images for my German students. My students in the Learn German Through Art courses are progressing well and enjoy the little sketches we draw during class.

Here is a collage of finished works from the last two weeks:

If you feel inspired to bring more creativity and joy to your life, my new workshop and course schedule for February to April is now on my website at

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