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25 Years in Canada - The Year 2010 Part I

Frosty Charlevoix, acrylic, 16" x 20", CAN $ 420

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At the beginning of 2010, I worked at the daycare again for two months as my friend visited relatives. However, it was a relaxing time as there were many days when not a single kid came to the daycare. However, getting our children to the bus and arriving at the recreation centre on time was a stressful task. Plus, I also worked as a skating attendant one afternoon and taught a full German course one evening a week. Then, there were all the chauffeur services for my children: trips to volleyball school games, soccer practice and piano lessons for my son, piano and dance lessons for my daughter and volunteering at school. These activities increased the stress to get the housework done and made it almost impossible to find time to paint.


Roch-des-Aulnaies, QC, acrylic, 16" x 20", CAN $ 420

On January 10 was the Plein Air Ensemble vernissage at the Old Chelsea Gallery, which was exciting as it was the first time I participated. Three weeks later, I exhibited some of my Kamouraska paintings at the same gallery with our KAM 7 group. It was also my first exhibition with this group. We had lots of visitors, which was very encouraging. Following the exhibition, the gallery committee accepted me as a regular guest artist at the Old Chelsea Gallery. What thrilling news! They asked to keep three of my Kamouraska paintings in the gallery for a longer time. While I was excited, this also threw me into a panic because I needed eight new artworks for the next Galerie de la Rive exhibition at the end of February. The only way to reach this goal was to take a couple of days off work.


When my sister's dog got sick, I decided to continue writing my book about our dog Jessie. Looking for the sketches that I had done during her last evening with us, I realized that my drawing skills had improved quite a lot during the past four years. Whenever I had a chance, I looked for opportunities to learn more about techniques and materials. In early February, I went to a two-day Arteast workshop to try out different Golden products. I had so much fun!


Final Days of Winter, acrylic, 8" x 10", NFS

Before the new Galerie de la Rive exhibition, I was thrilled to see one of my artworks in the local newspaper. "Final Days of Winter" was the first artwork that was in a newspaper. 


On March 26, Janis and I drove to Charlevoix for the next Plein Air Ensemble trip. The weather was fantastic. We had brilliant sunshine. However, after a day with + 14 ℃, the temperature had fallen to below -10 ℃. We stayed at the beautiful Auberge de nos Aïeux in Les Éboulements that offered a beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River. Luckily, it also had a large studio for artists overlooking the scenery because temperatures were below -20 ℃. Nevertheless, nature looked breathtaking in the bright sunlight. 


Mountainous Charlevoix, acrylic, 11" x 14", SOLD

These days were a luxury for Janis and me: uninterrupted painting time, the company of fellow artists, breathtaking views, delicious food that I did not have to worry about and absolutely no housework. We spent the first morning in the studio, then drove to St-Joseph-de-la Rive, where we painted sheltered by the car. It was brutally cold. While my acrylic paints did not give me any trouble, Janis had problems with freezing paint on her brush. 


Chapelle de Port-au-Persil, acrylic, 11" x 14", CAN $ 375

The following day, a group of us drove to Port-au-Persil. Even though it was milder than the day before, I could not get warm at all. The high humidity and strong wind made me tense up and miserable. When the sun finally broke through the clouds, it was time to pack up. 

Snow over Charlevoix, acrylic, 11" x 14", CAN $ 375


As it snowed on the third day, we went back to the studio to paint the winter wonderland. The irony about the weather: The following weekend, the temperatures were in the twenties. It felt like summer. 


In April, enough students registered for a second German course, which was exciting because I could finally introduce new material. I enjoyed the end of my work at the daycare and the skating rink. At last, I was able to join the painting buddies more regularly on outings in the neighbourhood. I loved feeling the warm sun listening to the birds and frogs in the company of my friends.


On the other side, we were getting discouraged about the disappointing visitor numbers to our Galerie de la Rive exhibitions. Despite painting demonstrations and beautiful art, we could not attract enough visitors to make it worth all our efforts. You see that a lot happened in the first half of 2010. Therefore, I decided to split up the 2010 blog and publish the second half next week. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you find inspiration in my story.

If you wish to buy any of the paintings, you can buy them online on my website All prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping is not included. I accept credit cards and PayPal. Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions.

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