Friday, 6 February 2015

Valentine's Day Doodles

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It is February, and Valentine’s Day is only a week away. Many are already planning a nice dinner, frantically thinking about the perfect gift to show the special person in their life how special they really are, while worrying about spending too much or maybe not enough money on jewelry, flowers, perfumes, and expensive outings.

The retailers are certainly really happy about this commercialization of Valentine’s Day but is it really necessary? While it is a good thing to show your love and affection to the important people in your life to make them feel special, there are more personal ways to say “I love you” than spending huge amounts of money.

Why not change this buying frenzy by creating something home-made? Let’s start with the Valentine’s card. I just hosted a Valentine’s card doodle workshop recently, and while it took all of us more than two hours to create our card, it was not only lots of fun but also so very relaxing. Here are some examples of the truly unique cards that were created:


You can even use your doodle to make this a theme, and create a matching placemat and place cards for a romantic dinner at home. As Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, you could plan a nice winter activity (outside or inside depending on your interests), followed by a wonderful meal cooked at home. You save yourself a lot of money and also the stress of being squished in a tiny spot in a restaurant waiting with all the other clients to be served.

Just remember that less is often more. You do not need to prepare a four star gourmet dinner. There is nothing wrong with getting the decadent chocolate cake from a local bakery, or getting some help from the frozen food section of your local supermarket.

As for a gift, I know many people just love personal coupons which contain promises to do favours for your partner. Again doodling could make those coupons very personal. Cut out some hearts decorate them with doodles and offer some very special services. From dishwashing to massages, the limit is just your imagination. Just make sure that it is something your partner likes and not something that is foremost for yourself.

Making someone feel special is not a one time affair. It is something you have to work on during the whole year, and definitely not something you can buy. It is rather about spending time together having fun.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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