Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Creative Challenge Part 2

Blog 2, January 16, 2015
This past week was the second week of my personal creative challenge for the month of January. My goal was to create an artwork every day. This week, I was doing a lot better than last week. Although, I spent time in front of my easel only twice, I did a lot of drawing. 

Last Thursday, my private student and I worked on a sketch of a snowman. I usually draw a little bit during the class to demonstrate to her some issues many students struggle with. I finished the drawing a week later.

Saturday was a day when I was mostly running around and getting ready for our neighbourhood get-together. I didn’t get any painting or drawing time in but took some beautiful pictures during my walk at dusk. Some of those are my reference material for the new painting I started Wednesday.

Sunday, I got inspired by the cold to start my kids drawing class with a couple of polar bear drawings. When I prepare my class, I always try a couple of different drawing to see how I can break down the drawing process into several steps starting with simple shapes. Sunday, I did a polar bear from the side, just the face, and a couple of initial sketches of cubs playing together.

Monday, I took one of the simple sketches of two cubs and finished the drawing.

The photo I was working from was from
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Tuesday was another hectic day with lots of running around. While my kids were at the optometrist, I used the back page of a wild life magazine to do a quick sketch of a fox’s face. Since last summer, I always carry a little drawing pad and pencil with me. It has served me well when I was held up unexpectedly.

Wednesday, I finally made it back to my studio. As I was so excited about the Saturday sunset, I decided to leave the painting from last week for next week. I started to draw the scene on the canvas, then quickly put down my under painting.

Thursday, I worked a little more on the fox sketch from Tuesday. In the afternoon, I put the reds and pinks of the sunset on canvas.

During this second week of my challenge, I decided that it is less about finishing an artwork every day then working on an artwork everyday. I still want to enjoy the process of creating and not put myself under pressure by constantly working against the clock, aiming for the finish line.

Next week, I hope to be able to spend more time in my studio working on my acrylic paintings. I will let you know next Friday how things works out.

If you want to continue following my journey, please log back into my blog next Friday. In the meantime go outside on a sunny day and really observe how beautiful a winter landscape is. How many colours do you will discover in the snow?

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