Friday, 24 July 2020

Blog-free Week

A Bunch of Lilies

Wool and mixed fibres, 19″ x 14″, $550, custom-matted

Every year, I can hardly wait for the appearance of the first flowers after the long and cold Canadian winter. I love colours and the winter season, when everything is covered with a white blanket, makes me ache for the beautiful colours of flowers.

Once I see the first leaves peeking out, I go into my garden every day to admire all the new blooms that appear. I thrive in the warm weather as do the flowers.  I am mesmerized by their natural beauty and variety. Have you ever looked at a flower and studies the fine lines, the colour variety, and the shapes and structure of the petals? My paintings capture this beauty so that I can have some permanent flowers in my home that make me happy on the darkest day.

It is hard to believe that half of the summer is already behind us. I hope you have a chance to enjoy nature's beauty this weekend by spending time in nature. I will be back with a new post about my immigration journey next week.

P. S.: Did you know that you can buy this painting online at Please email me to if you have any questions.

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