Friday, 11 December 2020

2020 Advent Calendar Day 1 to 8

Inspiration and Painting

Day 1: The Path

Getting together with my friends was not so easy during the last winter due to bad weather and illnesses. However, we managed to paint at Petrie Island twice in February, our first winter outings in years.

It was so peaceful to be outside. For me, it also was the first time to paint with oil paints in over two years. It took some adjusting, but I enjoyed the way I could blend the colours. I was happy with the result when I left the outing and only added some darker contrasts to my painting in the studio.

The Path, oil on board, 10" x 8", unframed, CAN $ 250 + shipping

Inspiration and Painting

Day 2: Fishing Huts at Petrie Island

This painting is from my second outing to Petrie Island in February: the 8” x 10” oil painting “Fishing Huts at Petrie Island”. While I finished the painting in my studio, I felt like being back at the side of the road at Petrie Island looking at the huts and enjoying myself.

After taking photos, I left the painting in the kitchen. Our cat decided to leave his mark and walked over the painting. Luckily, I was able to remove his participation. 

Fishing Huts at Petrie Island, 8" x 10", oil on board, unframed, CAN $250 + shipping


Inspiration and Painting


Day 3: The Old Stone House

When we were all in lockdown at the start of the pandemic, I missed my friends and our painting outings. Therefore, I joined the New York City Urban Sketchers for their non-urban sketching activities. One of their tasks was the creation of our dream vacation spot.

I created this image with a reference photo from one of my trips to Mallorca. I would love to have my studio in this rugged landscape.

The Old Stone House, Mallorca, watercolour on paper, 9" x 12", not for sale


Acrylic Painting and Felted Painting

Day 4: Glowing Winter Sunset

I love sunsets at any time of the year. However, when it is very cold outside, the sunsets glow especially bright and cast beautiful colours on the snow blanket. With a dog, you have to go outside in any weather - we draw the line if it feels like -30 degrees Celsius - and you are rewarded with many sights many people do not see when they opt to stay inside during the winter months. This felted piece was inspired by my 36″ x 24″ acrylic painting "Winter Glow"

Glowing Winter Sunset, wool, 12" x 9", custom-matted for a 16" x 12" frame, CAN $ 425 + shipping


Acrylic Painting and Felted Painting


Day 5: Hidden in the Fog

I love the mystic of fog. For a while I wanted to create a felted version of my acrylic 16" x 20" painting “Hidden in the Fog”. The felted version is 10" x 11.5".

Hidden in the Fog, wool, 10" x 11.5", CAN $425 + shipping

Inspiration, In Progress, Final


Day 6: Elegant in Peach

After weeks without touching my brushes, I finally went outside in early May to paint the few tulips on my property.

First, I painted an orange tulip. I had a hard time getting into the groove, yet I was excited to be outside. When I got too cold, I packed up my painting equipment. I was happy that I had painted but not excited about the result. I let the painting sit for a while and finally finished it during my summer break.

Elegant in Peach, 6″ x 6″, acrylic on gallery canvas, CAN $120 + shipping

Inspiration, In Progress, Final

Day 7: Proudly Pink

Proudly Pink was the second 6" x 6" painting that I started in early May. After I came back from painting outside, I was again not happy with the contrast between the flower and the background. A bit of bright magenta colour helped to let this proud flower stand out in all of its glory. I also painted the leaves in the background in a cooler blue-green.

Proudly Pink, acrylic, 6″ X 6″, acrylic on gallery canvas, CAN $120 + shipping

Pencil Sketch, Coloured Sketch

Day 8: Houses in Amsterdam

During one of the non-urban sketching activities of the New York City Urban Sketchers, I had a great time with their virtual stroll through Amsterdam. In the sketch, you see a couple of houses from Sint Antoniesluis.

During the one and a half hours of sketching, I was only able to draw the outlines. Later, a coloured the whole scene with coloured pencils.

Houses in Amsterdam, pencil on paper, 9" x 12", not for sale

To purchase any of the paintings that are for sale, please go to I accept credit cards and PayPal. The shipping cost will be calculated according to the destination.

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